Different Types Of Photography You Should Try

If you have ever wanted to go into the profession of photography, there are many different types of photography that you can focus upon. Some are more lucrative than others, whereas others are much more valuable regarding the experience you will have while you are getting the photos. In this article, we will look at several different types of photography, which ones are the most exciting, as well as which ones pay the most.

An Overview:

There are several different ways that you can photograph pictures and various events and backgrounds that you can capture. For instance, one of the more popular types of photography that have come out in recent years due to the popularity of drones is aerial photography. Although this has been done for many decades from helicopters, planes, and balloons, the use of drones has become so incredibly popular, specifically because of the high-quality videos and images that can be taken soaring over areas that were once only reserved for those that have the money to purchase or rent an aerial vehicle. Drones can be purchased for less than a few thousand dollars, and the cameras are less than $1000 that can produce outstanding imagery. Other types of photography include pet photography, commercial photography for businesses, and even medical photography used for clinical purposes. Here are the top three businesses that you can start as a photographer that can help you not only make a considerable amount of money but have an exciting time doing what you love.

Become A Photojournalist

Although there are a lot of freelance photographers that will bring their pictures into newspapers, hoping to make a few hundred dollars for each shot, it’s much more fun to be employed as a photojournalist with a large newspaper, allowing them to for the bill for sending you to sometimes exotic locations. You can be sent to areas where you would not normally go, especially when working for companies like National Geographic. This is an exciting profession, even if you are simply a photojournalist for a paper that is asking you to cover local stories in metropolitan areas.

Become A Commercial Photographer

This business can be very exciting, depending upon the company you are working for. Apparently, if you are working for a catalog company where you are photographing thousands of redundant products that are sold in the catalog, or on their website, this could become extremely tiresome. Instead, you should work for a larger corporation, one that is at the forefront of creating new and innovative products that are displayed at tradeshows, allowing you to not only see and photograph this merchandise but also go to different locations where the products are being created. This will give you the ability to travel, see cutting edge technology, all the while traveling to different locales for the express purpose of taking shots of new innovative products that come out every year.

Drone Aerial Photography

In this particular type of photography, you can branch out into many different directions. Some people are using this for weddings, so if you are already a wedding photographer, you can earn a substantial amount of money by flying over the area, or hovering to take shots or videos of the event. You can also work for large corporations that are looking at areas of the world where perhaps environmental damages are occurring. They will fly you to different locations, and pay you very well, because you are providing a service that is, at this moment, quite limited from those that have the best equipment. This will allow you to see different locations, and learn about new and important events in the world that you will be making history with by taking photos and videos of places that will soon be news, making your job very exciting.

Whether you decide to become a medical photographer, a forensic photographer for the police, or an architectural photographer that will take pictures of the latest buildings and structures, you can always find a way to use your love of photography to generate income with the equipment that you probably already have. You simply need to branch out into these areas, find the niche in photography that motivates you the most to take pictures and videos of people that are willing to pay you for doing what you love.